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Tagalong Tours of Remote Australia

TREK 4WD Tagalong Safaris

The best way to explore Australia’s outback and put your 4WD limits to the test!

Fun, action and adventure don’t need to be compromised with a safe and eco-friendly TREK guided 4WD tag along tour. In fact, with Trek, you can leave any worries behind that can dampen the thrill of enjoying the spectacular terrain our beautiful Australia has to offer. We will also give you valuable tips on how you can fully discover and revel at the power and capabilities of your own 4WD! All these, of course, with our commitment to safety - to you, your vehicle and the environment. That’s what a 4WD Tagalong Safari with TREK is all about.

Big Five Must See Places- Cape York, Ayers Rock, Kimberleys, Simpson Desert & Flinders Ranges

Many of Australia’s rugged remote areas cannot be travelled easily without restrictions and security issues, even with the most advanced and accessorized 4WD. Luckily you don’t need to hold back from this amazing experience and put yourself at risk. With TREK 4WD Safari’s experienced guides; you can put yourself in the driver’s seat, and enjoy the trek of a lifetime in complete safety-

What to Expect from a Fun-filled and Safe TREK Tag along Safari

  • No need to equip yourself with a $3,000 satellite phone, a $5000 HF radio, a $1000 dollar GPS and all these expensive gadgets. Trek has your safety covered in more ways than all these accessories combined, in any emergency conceivable that may arise - for just a fraction of that cost!
  • Complete peace of mind for being with the best trained, highly specialized and best equipped guides who are dedicated in looking after both your safety and enjoyment.
  • Modern day conveniences in the midst of wilderness - imagine being on the tip of Cape York enjoying chicken and champagne... or turning the tap of a hot shower even if you are right in the middle of the Simpson Desert!
  • Hassle-free - you can indulge most of your time in fun and excitement and getting in touch with nature (and your vehicle), while your experienced guide gives you interesting commentaries and valuable info along the way. You don’t need to get bogged down with the nitty-gritty planning and preparations for the trip.
  • Get a chance to visit and discover breath-taking yet little-known and hard-to-find places not mapped on standard Australian Tourist 4wd trek routes.
  • Let your friends and family know you’re ok and see where you are, in real time via Google Maps!
  • And more!

Contact us now before the tours are filled-up. Take a look at our calendar and check our Safari dates availability or for any other inquiries, call us on 0439 473 705. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to put off this experience of a lifetime for another year.


Thanks for a great weekend. It was good to meet Kylie. We all need a good & understanding partner, to be in business for ourselves. They have to make a lot of sacrifices in the hope that there will one day be pay back, & it is not all just to satisfy the drive for the boy to have fun.(while this is very important)

We hope that your business & relationship stands the test of time. If you can both get through the hard times, your relationship will be the better for the effort.

Your new truck sounds the way to go, & your skills, ability & most importantly your attitude, are all great. We wish you well, & remind you that if you are ever down our way in the off season, we would love the opportunity to show you both our little piece of paradise, & Moreton Bay.

Have a great Christmas, & and may you reach your targets with a smile in 2011.

Alison & Robert.

In May 2010 we went on a Trek Safari East-West-East Tour. We chose the fully catered option; partly to cut down on weight in our vehicle and, as Hugh is a Coeliac, to save having to find gluten-free supplies in unfamiliar territory. There was nothing Travis couldn’t do, from Roast Pork to Cheesecake. He introduced us to things we’d not had before, some of which are now on the menu at home!

The Tour had an itinerary planned but because of the unusually rainy season, Travis and his driver ‘Hammo’ had to work out a lot of detours. What information they didn’t already have they soon found via Laptop or local contacts. Their enthusiasm never flagged, and always seemed to be having as much fun as the rest of us. We saw spectacular country, quite a bit of which we had not been keen to tackle without competent guidance and would thoroughly recommend Trek 4WD Safaris to anyone wanting to see our ‘Wide (usually) Brown Land’

Hugh and Sandra McCabe

It is obvious that you are well experienced with all aspects of trekking to remote and beautiful parts of our rugged country. From the assurance that you have extensive medical training as well as your informative and enjoyable commentary and information on the history, both human and natural, of all of the places we visited together.

Knowing that you were there as our guide on our adventure to Cape York, We had the peace of mind and time to enjoy our beautiful country.

As an owner of different 4wd vehicles over the past 20 years and with our experience of being off road as well as our advanced 4wd training courses, we felt very safe travelling with you.

We would not have been game to travel and experience several places without your guidance. You were always in full control of all situations. We learnt a lot about the capabilities of our vehicle without damaging or losing control of it.

Even after our tour with you leading and catering for us, we would still not be game to do the same tour alone.

We look forward to going with you on another adventure, to another part of our wonderful and rugged country.

Having experienced the tour with you, we would never consider going on one of the "must do" 4wd treks without your tour.

Lynne and Alex

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